Thursday, March 29, 2007

Its hard to get back to the business of blogging when one has been enjoying being part of the Body, face to face.

It's interesting how, whilst we have been involved elsewhere, the issue of leadership has come up more than once. One of the common threads in conversations with a brother and sister with whom we have spent some time lately is the fact that our Lord, Jesus, declared that He came as a servant, not as the Boss, Managing Director, or CEO. (Matt.20:25-28 ISV)

Then we see John's statement in John 3:30; and I love the way the ISV says it, "He must become more important, but I must become less important". Isn't that great?

The motivation for these discussions has been the question: " Why are there so many sermons, being preached recently where it's clearly evident that there is a huge contradiction between what is preached and the words of Jesus and John?"

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Alan Knox said...


First, there is nothing like being in God's presence with his people. It is much better than blogging.

You have asked a great question! Why do so many sermons seem to contradict Jesus? Perhaps, we're more interested in justifying our practices and positions than in teaching and living according to Scripture? Just a thought...


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