Monday, March 22, 2010


The pharmacist gave me my prescription to sign. Automatically I asked what the date was. She told me. My response was to thank her and to comment that I should have remembered the date because it was Valerie's and my fourty-ninth wedding anniversary.

No! I hadn't forgotten. Asking the date was a habit which had developed over the years.

The pharmacists response was
WOW!! That's a long time!

Funny thing is, the measure of longevity can be very subjective, depending from whence one views time.

When that gorgeous vision in the photo looked into my eyes as we shared our vows, the years ahead seemed to promise an unending time in which to enjoy each other.

From the age of seventy, from which I now view time, it seems that our time together has been so very short.

At any rate, I don't want to philosophize, but simply celebrate the time we've had together, the great times, the difficult times, the blessing that God gave me in this precious bride.