Monday, January 6, 2014


At the beginning of this new year I wanted to touch base with those of you who read my ramblings, to ask that God's blessing for you, will be to His honor and glory, and simply say that my prayer for you is to, "Have a happy and blessed year!"

Been away for  quite a while with eye problems as well as increasing attention from my old friend Arthur, otherwise known as chronic osteo-arthritis, and three protruding discs, which constantly remind me of their presence. When I sit in the doctors waiting room and observe the troubles of other senior folk, I count my blessings.

Having recently received cataract surgery, which repaired my near to long vision, (was my vision ever this good?) I will still need reading glasses for which I have to wait a few weeks. Consequently, I'm typing with my screen enlarged to quite silly proportions.  Even though large it's still frustrating to read and type.

My precious Valerie recently celebrated her 75th year of  the gift of life, I'm approaching mine, each of us having quite a few physical difficulties, leading us to make the decision to downsize, and apply to enter a retirement village, which will entail much less work than maintaining a four bedroom house, garden and lawns.

I'm certainly not looking forward to the hassle of reducing our household inventory, and selling the house, which we have made a home, for ourselves as well as a base for family.

We have seen most of our family during this fast fading season, which has given us a real sense of the privilege we are given to raise a family, and spend time with them, as well as  grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Our great God is so good! The gift of new life in His Son, in a New Covenant, and abundant blessing over the long years, and now, the promise of another year!


Arthur Sido said...

Should I be insulted that you named your thorn in the flesh Arthur?

Aussie John said...


I should be very happy to bear the kind of "pain" (?) you inflict!

No! Don't be insulted!

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