Wednesday, September 4, 2013


There is an old saying in this country, and maybe in others, which says that a nation gets the government it deserves.  The words, as I understand the story,comes from people who believe that our great God is sovereign over the affairs of the nations, and has an interest in what kind of government a nation elects.

Recently, on a government funded, national T.V. station, on, what is purported to be a serious public affairs program, our current serving, recently re-appointed, Prime Minister, who is standing for re-election this coming Saturday, grossly caricatured the Bible.  

This man is a self-professed Christian, often using church attendance as an opportunity for media attention. On the program mentioned a pastor challenged the P.M.'s very recent change of mind on same-sex marriage, noting that towards the end of 2012, as a member of parliament, he had voted against the matter. 

A pastor questioned this change of mind on the issue quoting the Scriptures. The following is a quote from the article reporting the matter on web site of The Briefing

 “A man shall leave his father and mother and be married”—summarising Matthew 19:4-6—and asked why someone calling himself a Christian does not believe the words of Jesus in the Bible.
The PM replied,
Well if I was going to have that view, the Bible also says that slavery is a natural condition.”

This received the most enormous applause of the night, which incidentally seems to indicate both the depth of biblical illiteracy and the hostility to Christian morality."

The P.M. then showed his ignorance of Scripture, or his willingness to sell his soul to the highest bidder for political gain, which he clearly portrays in his reply.

I wonder? "a nation gets the government it deserves" ?

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