Thursday, April 11, 2013


I have often mention an aphorism, which may have come from somewhere else, but until I know otherwise, I claim it as mine: 


Among the several articles,blogs, etc I have seen commenting on the sadness the Warren family are now enduring, two or three stand out because of evident grace.
Alan Knox has written two articles, both worth your time. The first one "The church is talking about mental illness,but are we listening?", the most recent," Some are listening to their brothers and sisters in Christ who have mental illness"
Another blogging brother, Paul Burleson, in his response to my comment, mentioned Rick Warren and his family had suffered the tragic loss of their son Matthew, the first I'd heard of it Down-Under. Soon after, reading some other articles, I  read some of the most ungracious, unintelligent, and nonsensical responses to the Warren family's sad loss.

To cap that off, as I read the newspapers, which were were full of similar cowardly, puerile, foul comments regarding the death of ex Prime Minister of Great Britain, Maggie Thatcher.

Just what IS the easily discernible difference between a genuine Christian and those who are not?

GRACE! Grace received is GRACE revealed!

Those who haven't been there ought to reserve their comments until they can use their minds intelligently, but more importantly, if they truly are what they claim to be, GRACIOUSLY!

During my lifetime in the Body of Christ, I was many times called upon to deal with folk with organic illnesses of many different kinds,physical and mental, I trust that I was a reflection of  that grace which drew me to follow Christ.  

The gift of saving grace is the act of amazing divine graciousness.

So, why is it that those who claim to belong to the Family of God (church) find it in themselves to be gracious and loving towards those with physical illness, but revert to worldly values when it comes to mental illness?

Some of the comments regarding the Warren tragedy can only be described as from the sludge of fleshly worldliness, and that from professed Christians. 

Am I missing something here?

After many years in ministry I, my wife and family were put through the wringer of false accusations, which drove me into two years of deep depression. By God's grace, and the patience of my dear wife, I came out of that pit!

I've mentioned previously, my dearest friend, a much sought after pastor, went through the same false accusations, which destroyed his life, literally!

In both situations the "Christians" who were nearest , couldn't be found for the dust of their rapid departure.  

Literally dozens of "Christians" were no where to be found until their comments came to light; comments very similar to the graceless, churlish comments being published regarding the first mentioned hurting families.

It seems to me that I must have missed the commandment," one another as I have loved you, BUT ONLY IF THEY AGREE WITH YOUR THEOLOGY, AND PHILOSOPHY OF MINISTRY."

And a world of spiritually needy people look on and ask, "What's the difference, between these Christians, and everyone else?"   

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