Monday, May 17, 2010

I Was There!

Why did I write the previous post? Because I personally know that of which I'm writing!

There's an old saying,
"It takes one to know one!"

Becoming a follower of Christ when quite young,I am now ashamed to say that I spent a large part of my life in the guise of a Pharisee.

About the only thing I didn't do was to fast twice a week.

Appearances were so very important, but that which was visible didn't reflect the internal realities and the sheer effort of being seen to be what others expected of me.

Although I proudly declared that Christ was my all sufficiency, my striving was for the approval of those who were in leadership, both at a local church level and denominational.

If you are wondering: I was zealous for my faith. When I was appointed to the leadership of the church I preached the Scriptures according to my theological persuasions. Praying was extremely important and I learned to pray the flowery, pious, long winded prayers which some of my older brethren could pray. A low income, a wife and five children didn't conspire to allow a proper tithe, a fact which burdened my Pharisaical heart with guilt. The appearance of moral perfection was paramount, to which my dear children could attest. The effort my wife and I put into church attendance was extreme, and how we revelled in the applause of those who knew the long trip we made every Sunday. I was as orthodox an evangelical as one could be.

Oh! How God would be impressed!

I soon discovered otherwise.


Paul Burleson said...

Aussie John,

I have read and been blessed for years now by the devotional thoughts of men I respect early in the morning as a new day begins.

This morning is NO EXCEPTION on all points. What a way to begin the day!! This post and the last one are as good as it gets for challenging me to focus of the One who is, Himself, my life. Thank you.

Aussie John said...


Thank you for your kind words. At this time, I am simply very sad as I see the words of those supposed brethren, on both sides of the Pacific, who are writing comments on the blog of Wade, Debbie, and others.

I'm sometimes thankful that I'm nearing the end of my days, when I can truly focus the only One who is worthy of all praise and glory.
When I will not be wanting to get hold of some of these poor misguided souls, who obviously don't know what they are doing.
I sometimes feel as if they are joining in the rabble who were crying "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!"

Elder's Wife said...

Hi Aussie John,
I've come into this conversation a bit late and don't know the context, but I appreciate your transparency and willingness to be honest in your post.
You have been a blessing.

Aussie John said...

Elders Wife,

Thank you for commenting. I can understand your not knowing the context.

I guess the context is simply that some of the happenings reported on the net regarding the evangelical churches in USA, are disturbingly similar to what I have seen and experienced on our side of the world.

Professed Christians in leadership are apparently embellishing the truth, Scriptures are relegated to isolated verses, supposedly proving a theological/denominational/personal position or theory, and the Lord of the Church, and His words,are relegated to the back benches of the life and ministry of a congregation.

Lanny said...

Ahh but did you have your car all washed up just right on Saturday? My husband says that was high on his list of priorities on Saturdays. Hey, thanks for sharing more on this and thanks for the response.

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