Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Fifth Column?

Seems like centuries ago now, but when I first came into the ranks of those seeking to serve churches as a pastor, I came with high ideals regarding that person.

Naive? Yes! I wouldn't have thought so then.

Idealistic? Yes! Still so!

Realistic? No! Long way off!

My first pastors conference started to sort out my naïveté and my view of reality!

I can't help but commend Dave Black on his honesty about himself,and his awareness of his own weakness and struggles, a very rare quality, indeed!

Then I came across this quote by J.C. Philpot from a sermon preached at North Street Chapel, Stamford, on March 6,1859:

I have ever found myself to be my greatest enemy. I never had a foe that troubled me so much as my own heart; nor has any one ever wrought me half the mischief or given me half the plague that I have felt and known within. And it is a daily sense of this which makes me dread myself more than anybody that walks upon the face of the earth!
Keep a watchful eye upon every inward foe; and if you fight, fight against the enemy that lurks and works in your own breast!

I wonder what gives me the impression that not too many in leadership today would agree with Mr. Philpot?

Why do I get the feeling that Pogo was right when he said,
“I've found the enemy and he is us.”

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Paul Burleson said...

That is a PROFOUND quote from Philpot. Thanks.

[Pogo didn't do too bad either.]

Good post as usual.

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