Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Father Who Cares

We seem to live in a day when those who claim to be Christian, especially those who are in leadership, often practice a kind of one-up-man-ship when preaching, speaking publicly, or simply giving testimony about the way God has proven Himself in their lives. More often than not a fair amount of poetic licence slips into their conversation.

I've just read a testimony which tugs at my heart because of the profound message it declares, and yet expresses the certainty of a man who KNOWS our Father God,and, as a result has no need to guild the lily.

You ought to go there and read it:

His words have inspired me to share something along similar lines.

My wife and I had five very young children when we decided we couldn't delay attending college any longer. I was ministering quite extensively and felt the need to leave secular work and study more. We sold all but the bare essentials of our belongings to afford the fees incurred for accomodation and tuition, which swallowed all of which we received. We had no income, very small savings, but were confident that God would supply our needs. That He did!

A small example of the Father's interest in His people:

Semester break was coming soon when I had promised to work at a non-denominational overseas mission headquarters, building a large room to hold their literature.

Two days before we were due to drive south we had two twenty cent coins in our pocket. We needed money for petrol (three hundred miles worth), to contribute to the food supply, as well as the incidentals that come with children ranging in age from 6 to 13. We had calculated that we needed $200 for the three weeks (it WAS a long time ago).

The next day we still had two twenty cent pieces to last us three weeks. I decided to phone the mission and tell them we couldn't come. That call cost exactly half of our worldly wealth. The disappointment at the mission was palpable.

After hanging up, with a heavy heart, I started to walk back to our quarters when I came under the strongest of compulsions to reverse my decision. I simply could not resist, and went back to the phone using our last twenty cents for the call.

I told my wife what I had done, and, being the woman she is, she said,"Oh! I knew you would!"

Lunch time came and went. It was time to get the mail. We received a letter from my sister, who with her husband and children were on a mission station on Mornington Island 4000 miles away. The letter contained a cheque for $60 : "We felt you could use this."

A little later one of the college staff came to us and said, "Our daughter asked us to give this money to whom ever we believe ought to have it." Another $120!

To cut a long story short; we left college the next morning with $205 in our pocket. Zero to 205 in a little over 24 hours!

The smallest need doesn't escape our Father's attention, as we found when we went into our first full time pastorate. Shake as you might, we still didn't jingle from what we had in our pocket. We were poor, in earthly terms, but we have a wealthy Father who does care.

As most families do, we needed to go to the supermarket. Mum wanted a pumpkin, but we simply could not afford it. As we arrived at our house, there sitting on the back step, resplendent in all its green glory, was beautiful pumpkin.

Thanks Bob, for reminding me that it is often in the simple things in which God reveals Himself and not necessarily in theological profundity.

To Him belongs the glory!

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A. Amos Love said...

Aussie John

I have seen a few ‘guilded lily’s.”

Sorry to say, I’ve guilded a few myself.

Thank God He’s a merciful Father.

We don’t need to impress Him.

Enjoy your uplifting stories of
walking by faith.


Mercy and Grace.

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