Saturday, September 29, 2007


Many don’t realize that, like all religions, the demons have their
conferences and conventions, some local, some state-wide, and some global.
As always Lucifer stands at the rostrum, like any religious presidential figure,
smilingly proud of the expectant faces looking up at him.
Like most religions, after the preliminaries are over, like welcoming those closest
and most loyal, usually those who pander to his insatiable pride, his evil eminence
gives his opening address.
There was something of great urgency in his voice this time, as he said,
"My dear brethren! I cannot but get straight to the point. We have had great
successes causing Christians to turn from their original purposes. At first we
tried to keep them from meeting in the buildings they refer to as “churches”.
"Obviously we have been successful in blocking them from properly
understanding their original purpose of actually being the building made
up of living stones.
As a result, we now have no need to keep them from their meetings.
”We know can't keep them from reading about the truth in their Bibles.
On the other hand we have been largely successful in obscuring the truth
by causing them to believe their leaders are the only ones who can
understand the truth. They have become dependent on men, instead of
independent of them. Instead they have become independent of God
and His instructions for them. That's good!
"Because of the power of God’s spirit, we can't keep them from knowing
about their saviour
(the devil would hardly use capital letters). Problem is,
once they gain that connection with Jesus, our power over their eternal
end is broken, but because they are still part of their world, we can
still exert great influence. "I have figured out a strategy which will help
our cause. We now have no need to hinder them from their weekly ritual
of going to their, excuse me, "churches", heh, heh, heh, which they think is
being the people their saviour died for; nor have we any need to hinder
them from their, so-called, fellowship dinners, which are contrived to make
them appear in unity.
Most human organizations do these things, for much the same reason, a
psychological ploy called ‘bonding sessions’.
"The plan I’ve hatched is this: Let’s steal their time, so they don't have
time to think about matters and realize they
have got it wrong.
Rubbing his hands together, and chuckling to himself the devil said, "This is
the way it will work! We will give them leaders who think like those who
belong to us, they will assume the position of Chief Executive Officers,
or bosses.
Their lack of humility will cause them to think they are special; you know,
more sophisticated, higher status.
“These leaders will do all the planning and thinking. Like our crew in
the world, they will constantly want to be seen in the right places,
with the right people, traveling the world to do so. They will preach,
and talk about their authority, about money and numbers, and
about those who can be coerced to join their organization.
Quantity rather than quality will be the name of the game!
“These leaders must be urged to jealously hold on to their
positions, which…….Oh! Hah! Hah! I can hardly speak when
I picture it….they think are biblical OFFICES which give them status.
Can you believe their naivety?

Having composed himself, the devil continue, "Now, our major task will be
to distract them from understanding the relationship with his father,
which their saviour has purchased for them, and the intimacy with
Him, which can be theirs with one another, as a result!

The devils cohorts are getting excited and restless by now, and loudly
shouted, "How can we achieve this?"
The devil’s smile was cunning and malevolent,"Develop in them a sense of
dependence on their leaders. Cause them think that the leaders
are the only ones who can really hear the holy spirit speak to them
through the written words the father has given them. Instill in them
the mindset that they must depend on their leaders to tell them what
to believe and how to live. Help the leaders to develop an
unhealthy regard for themselves and their expertise.
Encourage the leaders to train the people to sit silently,
like zombies, in their pews. Then make sure that the leaders reinforce,
in those dummies who follow them, that they cannot be good
followers of their saviour if they don’t attend every meeting of
their religion, that these meetings are more important than husbands,
wives, families or ministry needs. Very importantly, cause the
leaders to become skilled at guilt tripping sermons.

As for the followers of these leaders, cause them to demand a lifestyle
which will fill their time with getting more and more income,
with the goal of gaining the material goods which are dangled before
their eyes on a daily basis.
Cause them to develop strong interests in other religious activities
which they call sport, clubs, lodges, going to the pub, etc. You know
what I mean, keep them busy with the non-essentials of life and invent
innumerable schemes to occupy their minds
"Very importantly help them to get deeper and deeper into debt. .
Then work on the wives, persuade the wives that the greater need
is for them to forgo the greatest God-given ministry in the world,
of being a homemaker and mother, and to take outside work for
long hours to make up for what the husbands can’t contribute to
their debt load.
Cause the wives to , follow their own whims and cease honoring their
husbands as the spiritual head of the family.
"Plan their debt and their covetousness so they will need to work
long hours seven days each week.
"An important spin-off will come with this. Both husbands
and wives will be tired and on edge. The slightest thing
will upset them and cause them to argue. The blame game
will begin, and, best of all the knock on effect will be that many
will divorce, the children will be affected by the parents
inconsistency with what their revered bible tells them, and
reject what the parents supposedly stand for.

“Of course their busy-ness, fawning after, and keeping up
with their leaders, and their legalistic demands, working, working,
working, will prevent them from spending quality time with, and
serving, their fellow believers, and their children, prevent them
teaching of the saviour and forming them into godly members
of society.

Whatever you do, stop them from thinking about the things
they profess to believe; whilst driving make them turn the radio
or cassette player on, preventing them from talking, sharing,
fellowshipping, thinking, meditating.
Give them the pretext that they need to constantly listen to
religious speakers and music. Whilst at home, urge them to
keep the TV, VCR, CDs and their PCs constantly switched on,
so that, you, brethren, can tantalize their lusts, cravings, appetites,
covetousness, and simply keep their minds occupied.
"Cause them to forget that real beauty is internal. Throw the
world’s ideas of beauty at them, everything that is skin deep,
like the half-starved women on catwalks, the glitz and glamor
of society, the artificial, purile world of sexual impurity,
unfaithfulness and lust characterized in the popular magazines
and TV.
It will induce husbands to be dissatisfied with their wives
and wives with their husbands.
"Help them to become religious zealots worshiping,
what they like to call, “nature”, instead of seeing the world
as a manifestation of God’s creating power, glory and majesty,
a gift from Him to provide their needs.

"Give them Santa Claus and Easter bunnies instead of my
enemy who hung himself on that cross.
Distract them from his resurrection and power over sin and

"Whatever you do, give them a multitude of “good”
projects to be involved in, you know, the things
they can do with their limited human capabilities,
sacrificing their health and family for the good cause.
“I remind you that you are the secret service of my
government. Ensure that the suckers never realize that
our motto is Keep Them
BUSY --- B-e U-nder S-atan's Y-oke!
The attentive demons were like young horses chafing at the bit, eager
to put their master’s plan into operation, chatting about their master’s
instructions, “We’ll get them busier and busier in religious
Another voice cried, “Remember worldly activities, and
good causes”.

As they rejoiced in the knowledge that, if they could achieve
their master’s ideals, one ventured, “Christians everywhere
will be so busy being religious, ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’,
and being “good”, that they will have little time to be godly.”

Another chimed in excitedly, “Their families will disintegrate.
The world will see that there is nothing distinctive about them,
and laugh at their false piety.”

A voice from the back of the venue was heard to loudly exclaimed,
"They won’t have time for their God or for the ministry, to
which they have been called, of rearing godly
families, serving one another, sharing the news about Jesus

A great cheer went up! A semblance of order was restored,
and as the infernal president of this annual convention drew the
meeting to a close, he couldn’t help but indulge in a loud snicker,
and said, “Come to think of it, we’ve been rather successful
to date, let’s put our shoulders to the load!
We will gather, at a place to be announced, next year.
This meeting is duly closed!”

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